6 fruits that you should never mix because they can cause death in children.

  1. Orange and Carrot:

It produces the heart burn, excess Bile reflux as well as damage to the renal system which is the root cause of serious diseases.

  1. Guava and Banana:

They will cause gas and acidosis and you may feel nausea, headache , heaviness & pain in stomach.

      3. Vegetables and Fruits:

As the fruits have more sugar hence, Vegetables can not be digested properly. They stay in stomach while, the fruit ferments and produces more toxins, causing infection, headache, pain in stomach & diarrhea.

     4. Pineapple and Milk:

The presence of Bromelain causes the body to become intoxicated and as a result, the stomach pain occurs. The person may also develop infection or, experience diarrhea.

  1. Banana and Pudding:

This combo creates heaviness in stomach, slowing down the mind’s activity and increasing the production of toxins. In case of infants, it may be fatal.

     6. Papaya and Lemon:

This combination makes you develop anemia and problems with your hemoglobin (protein in your blood). Please avoid it at all costs and do not take risk by giving it your children.



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