Medical Awareness

This website shows a unique Combination of Engineering and Medical skills which is rarely found elsewhere.

I am doing this work just because of my hobby, immense passion and valuable support of my well wishers.

The sole purpose of creation of this website is to share medical awareness among those persons across the world who are in non medical professions so that, they must have a basic idea about our unique body means how is it made up of, how different organs work, different common diseases, therapies etc.

All viewers are requested to read the Menu and all contents, mentioned thereinfor better understanding.

In present time, it is important to be medically aware about  our body and it’s different functions like Anatomy, Physiology, Pathology, Medicines etc so that when we go to a Doctor, we may at least interpret  and understand what exactly, he intends to explain and his motive behind it otherwise, at many places, the patient especially from non medical profession may be misguided or, cheated by Doctor w.r.t extra & avoidable tests, incorrect / late diagnosis, and most unfortunately wrong treatment (hit & trial) and that too after spending a huge expenditure and lastly it is observed that instead of getting cured, the disease has rather become more aggravated with new side effects in addition.

I do request the visitors that whenever they feel any abnormal symptom or, problem, then, before going to Doctor (except in emergency), first they should educate themselves about disease & its symptoms, required probable tests, course of treatment etc and after consultation, readers must have a habit to read and know about name of medicine (salts) and it’s side effects, contraindications, special precautions, name of manufacturer etc. before taking those medicines, as prescribed by Doctor.

Normally, it very difficult to involve so deeply in any profession other than your own but, many times, any strong stimulus in mind can change the entire mind set, attitude and interests and that is how, I, being a Mechanical Engineer (served for 35 years in power sector (NHPC & POWERGRID) could develop this hobby (which later became my passion) to read more and more medical books and many times to consult my Doctor friends as well.

Lastly, I also strongly advise the visitors not to blindly trust on any Hospital or, a Doctor because, this profession has become fully commercial and that is the main reason why we all should have a minimum level of medical knowledge of our body which is unique and most precious boon of GOD.

Thanking you.



4 Comments Add yours

  1. Gurpreet Singh says:

    This definitely is a good website to know the basics for all medical awareness and medicine updates. It is really important to know how healthy you are.

    Pros: One can learn basics about the medical term and diagnoses and various therapies.
    Cons: There are lots of diseases with similar initial symptoms that a doctor advise is a must. Also the medical solutions may differ based on test results that doctor may specify.

    1. Ajay Bhatnagar says:

      Thanq dear Gurpreet for writting high class comments.Only few persons like you could appreciate my work, I knew.

  2. Amreshwar Swarup says:

    I just opened your website today through my twitter account and was deeply impressed by its look, style and content. It is very attractive. Congratulations to you for such a useful beginning for us all. I wonder if such an organized attempt was done by any doctor anywhere in the world. I am now getting more and more convinced that if you want to do anything properly it is essential to have an engineering mind at first. This is true for doctors as well. You are an engineer first and medicine is your hobby and passion and the result is this beautiful website for all of us to see. Now just imagine that if a good doctor is blessed with an engineering mind, how it will reflect in his profession. In my opinion it will remove all the ugliness prevailing in his profession. The overall economy and reasonableness of actions in the medical profession will prevail. Engineering, after all, teaches everyone to be a perfect artist of his profession and be an economist as well.

    1. Ajay Bhatnagar says:

      Thanq dear respected Raja Bhaiya for writting high class comments.Only few persons like you could appreciate my work, I knew.

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