Angioplasty vs Heart Bypass

Angioplasy is a procedure to remove blockage from arteries and to restore normal blood flow in heart muscles.

A thin tube, called Catheter is inserted through a small puncture in leg (thigh) artery and then, the blocked artery is forcibly opened by inflating a small balloon inside the artery.

Immediately after Angioplasty, if the necessity of putting Stent is advised by the doctor, then, the stent is inserted in blocked artery along with the Catheter.

A stent is a small, Bio-stent or, metal-mesh type of device that expands inside a coronary artery and later on, infused, or reinforced with inner arterial walls and removes the blockage.

Heart Bypass procedure is an invasive surgery, also called Open Heart Surgery in which the chest is cut and the heart is opened to perform the surgery.

Before, the surgery starts, a cardio-pulmonary machine is connected with the body to supply the oxygenated blood to heart from lungs and brings back deoxygenated blood from heart to lungs through machine for blood purification purpose.

The procedure for Angioplasy takes lesser time as compared to Heart Bypass surgery.

The recovery rate of Bypass surgery is quite fast and further chances of blockage formation and stroke are also reduced after this procedure.

Bypass surgery is costlier than Angioplasty. The Bypass surgery is possible even after stent is there in same artery, if a new blockage is formed.

However, both of above procedures do not prevent Atherosclerosis.

The Angioplasty and Heart bypass surgery are not advised always to every patient.

A patient, having blockages in all main coronary arteries, is often recommended for Heart Bypass operation. Diabetic patients have better survival expectancy after this surgery.



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    Crisp information. Very useful.

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