Combination of Engineering & Medical



Ajay Bhatnagar (Mob:9910952459)

I am a Mechanical Engineer and have worked in two renowned PSUs, namely NHPC & POWERGRID for 35 years at different places since April, 1981.

I was retired on 31st May, 2016 from POWERGRID and now, I am settled in Noida, a city in the state of  Uttar Pradesh (India).

I had graduated (B.Sc) in Chemistry, Zoology & Botany) from Lucknow University in 1976 and that time my ambition was to become a Doctor only. I had put my best but, unfortunately, I could not clear any entrance exams and when I failed to get admission in any Medical college, then, unwillingly and as a last resort, opted for the Engineering course. Hence, my 1st aim and core ambition was Medical line only.

Despite being in Engineering profession,  reading medical books and keeping myself regularly updated became my hobby. This hobby continued to be more & more immense with the passage of time, facing many sad & nasty medical experiences of different hospitals during medical treatments of myself and my close family members as well.

Such events slowly changed my mind set and then, I started gathering more medical awareness through books and internet. I also used to discuss medical topics with my doctor friends to understand in quick & better way.

We know that Engineering and Medical  are altogether different technologies and they do not have any similarity, match or, comparison except Bio-technology (including Surgical tools, Bio-physics & Bio-chemistry) of our body.

At this stage, I am confident to educate and guide a person for any medical problem so as to build up his/her medical awareness before seeking medical advice. The “Pre Medical Advice is very important before going for treatment” and I provide this service for the society free of cost without prescribing any medical advisory. My basic endeavor is to enhance medical knowledge only for the persons, having non medical background.

I do assure that the visitors after reading all contents of this website, would certainly enrich their level of awareness about human body & its working.

As we all know about many scams, nexus, unwanted diagnostic tests, extra ordinary higher expenses, hit & trial methods, advised  by Doctors in hospitals & in private treatments, possessing good medical knowledge & regular updation has become a necessity in present time. 

The only aim & sole purpose to create this website is to improve medical awareness in society and during this process, even if very few persons are benefited, I will be grateful to GOD and that will be my reward…..

Thank you.


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  1. ajaybhatnagar10 says:

    very good site, having a new idea…….best of luck.

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