Why the idea to create this site cropped in my mind

The idea to create this site cropped in my mind as a result of many bitter experiences, I have faced during many medical treatments of myself and my family/friends from time to time. The main objective of launching this site is to make the readers feel the necessity of being medically aware of their unique body and it’s various functions in order to combat the nexus, spreaded around us.

As Human beings, it is imperative to know about our own body and its functioning. We must be aware of how it is created, how it functions, which are the important organs and their usage. Having a basic knowledge of the Anatomy of Human body and its different functions (Physiology), Pathology & Medicines (Salts, Generic names, how they work, side effects, etc.) can certainly save us from many undesired tests, wrong diagnoses, unrequired extra medicines, advised by Doctors. We may debate with a Doctor, if he/she tries to misguide at any point of time during treatment.

Now a days, a person spends a huge amount of money for getting degree plus post graduate courses, hence, when they start the practice, their mentality might become like how to extract the maximum from innocent patients through different unwanted means like undesired tests, procedures etc. Usually for a Doctor, there are no emotions for any patient; they simply treat the patient like a human body on which, they gain surgical experiences and try to earn as much as possible. Otherwise, how they will recover the money that their parents spent on them is usually a matter of concern for some.

In present time, if you don’t have the basic medical knowledge, then, be prepared because, any time any Doctor may befool you and you will be helpless without even knowing about it.

Thank you.